Our goal is to replace cash in emerging markets like the Philippines, where cash dominates all areas of commerce.

We develop new ways to pay for things, more convenient than using cash, more affordable than traditional banking.

We anticipate a day when rural farmers buy seed from an online marketplace and pay with their phones, when office workers buy lunch from a street vendor by tapping phones, and when business deals conclude with the exchange of encrypted tokens.

Welcome to electronic commerce.



Gifmo is the first third-party, end-to-end giftcard processing solution, designed for the Philippines. Our solution makes it easy for retailers to create, launch and manage their very own giftcards. We provide a full suite of services ranging from Product Design, to Card Distribution and Merchandising, Affiliate Sales, the Technology Infrastructure, Training and Back-Office Operations through to Risk and Fraud Management.


Intellectual Property

Pasig & Hudson has partnered with the team at www.operem.com to create a next generation platform for intellectual property management and licensing.


Commodities Exchange

We are working on the commodities trading platform of the future. Watch this space for our 2019 launch announcement.


Argos Identity Management

We are creating a decentralized identity management protocol, designed to manage private and personal data in a trustless world. Argos Identity Management uses cryptographic tools in a patent-pending manner to deliver on the promise of self-sovereign digital identity.


Digital Currency

Pasig and Hudson's goal is to develop new solutions to overcome the obstacles to adoption that have stifled the success of digital currencies in the past. Our desire is to develop solutions from the bottoms up- solving real problems rather than building solutions and hoping that they will come.


Trust Networks

Pasig & Hudson is conceptualizing digital products to mobilize the benefits of commerce executed in the context of a Trust Network. Piqued? Keep watching this page.



Our innovative solution for recording important documents or even informal contracts on the blockchain.


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