Our goal is to support the Disruptors.

Those with an entrepreneurial mindset who have a vision and passion for changing the world.

We know.

We are Disruptors, too.


Some of our projects

operem plus.png

Intellectual Property

Operem’s next generation platform completely re-imagines the intellectual property management and licensing space.

Pasig & Hudson partnered with intellectual property veterans to design and launch an entirely new approach to invention.

Operem is working with multi-national corporations to build out a platform solution for open innovation.


Commodities Exchange

Pasig & Hudson has partnered with Abaxx Exchange organize a global marketplace for liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The exchange will drive price discovery for a burgeoning clean burning energy source which promises to displace dependence on coal around the world.

gifmo plus.png

Gift Card and Loyalty platform

Pasig & Hudson launched Gifmo in 2015. Gifmo is the first third-party, end-to-end giftcard processing solution, designed for the Philippines.

Our solution makes it easy for retailers to create, launch and manage their very own giftcard program. We provide a full suite of services ranging from Product Design, to Card Manufacturing and Distribution, Affiliate Sales, Technology Infrastructure, Training and Back-Office Operations through to Risk and Fraud Management.

retail bank.png

Enterprise Banking

Pasig & Hudson investigated and resolved the root causes of consumer disruptions at a major retail bank.

Our enterprise architecture assessment and review is guiding their technology investment plan for the next 3-5 years.

AON logo.png

Insurance Consulting

Pasig & Hudson partnered with AON to deploy a custom designed Cyber Security tool, a dynamic risk assessment questionnaire, rules-based scoring algorithms and risk visualization tools for their employees.


employee rewards

Pasig & Hudson’s employee rewards platform allows companies to reduce churn and increase engagement.

Companies can give employees rewards for specific behaviors. Employees can redeem these rewards at participating merchants who may also offer additional discounts.

Lusogmo logo.png

Healthcare Payments

Lusogmo is a prepaid Healthcare Card designed by the Pasig & Hudson team.

We give families and their loved ones living abroad a convenient, affordable and reliable way to pay for health care, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals in the Philippines.

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Identity Management

Pasig & Hudson has created a decentralized identity management protocol, designed to govern private and personal data in a trustless world.

Argos Identity Management uses patent-pending cryptographic tools and a unique authentication approach to deliver on the promise of self-sovereign digital identity.


Document Vault

Our innovative solution for recording important documents or even informal contracts on the blockchain.