We develop new ways to pay for things, more convenient than using cash, more affordable than traditional banking. Our goal is to replace cash in emerging markets like the Philippines, where cash dominates all areas of commerce.

We anticipate a day when rural farmers buy seed from an online marketplace and pay with their phones, when office workers buy lunch from a street vendor by tapping phones, and when business deals conclude with the exchange of encrypted tokens.

Welcome to electronic commerce.


Carlos Korten


Carlos is the man with the big ideas- the visionary force behind  Pasig & Hudson. He left American Express to follow his dream in the Philippines- to create a cashless and frictionless economy.


Chiqui de Guzman


Chiqui is the organizer for the team- irons out day to day problems and manages the purse strings for Pasig & Hudson. She and her network get things done here in the Philippines for Pasig and Hudson. Without them we would literally be up 2 creeks without paddles.


Alexis Joven


Alexis Joven’s expertise in customer service lends itself to an instinctive approach to operations and service excellence, allowing him to build and manage efficient teams that share his values.

Barry O'Connel.jpg

Barry O'Connell

Corporate Strategy

Barry keeps our Corporate Strategy real. He keeps his pulse on the state of the payments space around the world.


Hannah Javelosa


Hannah has ESP when it comes to translating our vision for the product into the visual design. And she brings our products to life at the speed of light.

Suresh Dixit

Technical Operations

Suresh is the feet on the ground at Pasig & Hudson. From Market Research to Operations- sourcing talent and materials, processes and procedures. In his spare time he is the crazy cat-man- saving cats in Manila




Andrew Peret

Tech DEv

Andrew takes our technology vision and turns it into ones and zeros.  He has spent much of his career engineering payment solutions for American Express.  He has a passion for learning new technology and he enjoys heads-down coding.

Cory Moreira


Cory is our Technology Wiz. He spends his time spinning up startups and building payments platforms. If you are ever in Palm Harbor- you may find him coding on the beach with a tequila shot in his hand.


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